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June's #OOTDReview

Hey guys! So since I received so much feedback, comments, and compliments on the video review that my photographer and low-key videographer (she claims she doesn't do videos, ha!) did I want to continue and share my personality through the digital review with you all.

Partnership Blogger's Club

I'm an affiliate marketer with #MilqMag as well as #LiketoKNOWit including the SHOP MY LOOKS page within my personal blog posts. As a new or returning visitor of my blog, when you've read what I've blogged, or posted about on my different social media outlets, and then click on those links to purchase something, I then may earn a commission from the retailer based on the product or item that you've purchased. Additionally, if I am writing a post for a sponsorship product or event that I host I will notate when that post has been sponsored. Lastly, I will like you all to know that regardless of sponsorship all posts, thoughts, and views are still my own.

Affiliate marketing and sponsored posts are how I fund my blog and continue to give you guys all this personality, marvelous looks and continuously grow my brand. With that being said, I vow to continue to give you guys style inspirations, affordable looks, and relatable content consistently! (Yup, we're married now!)

Thank you dearly from the bottom of my heart for all the direct messages, comments, and consistent support! I truly appreciate it.

Love and Light,


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