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All Black NYFW 19'

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

While New York Fashion is during #BlackHistory month it was only right I rocked all black looks while attending some of the most amazing shows!

To know me is to know that BLACK is my favorite color and also my favorite color to wear since I could remember. It's clean, comfortable, casual and cute! My friend Shareka would always somehow be on the phone with me while I'm getting dressed to head somewhere (because I'm always on the go) and I would say to her, "What should I wear?" She would ALWAYS respond, "Now you know you're going to put on all black so -- gone head!" I would laugh like well of course I am but let's be bodysuit and black jeans? So yeah, wearing all black is a "Harper Thing!" My favorite black piece that I'm overly obsessed with would be this bomber jacket and it's linked to the photo just CLICK for details to purchase!

The first show that I attended was #LaurenceAndChico thanks to my Sister-Friend who is my blogger inspiration @LifeInBeverlyHeels. It was my first show in years, and my first show alone without going with a blogger friend or one of my model friends. I was shooting before this show with my photographer from Houston "YASH" who happened to be in town for Mens Fashion Week and I was running late to the next show. If you don't already know maneuvering around New York isn't the easiest or fun to say the least. Our shoot ended late, and I jumped into the first cab with 10 minutes to spare to make the show on time. I arrived to the show LATE (I know whose surprise?) and when I walked in 10 mins late it began! For those of you who haven't experienced #NYFW the shows don't last long maybe 20-25 mins max -- depending on what show you're going to. Afterwards you chit-chat with familiar faces and network a little and then be prepared for all the media/photographers to be standing outside ready to attack the looks they love to gather content for their network.

Outfit Details

Shoes: Tony Bianco ( )

Skirt: Zara

Jacket: The Carter Brand


Let's get into the second show that I attended and the next look. While on Friday I was only suppose to attend #LaurenceAndChico show I also went to #PamellaRoland show right after and boy was it a sight to see! She had the most beautiful gowns that I'd seen in over a year. Pam's show was very quick with several A-list guests such as Nigel Barker and his beautiful wife, and Vanessa Williams who hasn't aged one bit.

Outfit Details

Shoes/Bag: YSL (not made for walking!)

Pants Suit: Zara

Top: Zara

I had tickets to one last show from my big sis Bev, but it was at 9am and if you know me I'm not a morning person. So yeah I didn't make it but it looked amazing while watching friends who love mornings -- on Instagram made it! Needless to say NYFW is NONSTOP and hectic but fun fun fun to say the least. I even got a chance to meet some of my followers and favorites blogger babes which was honestly the highlight of my trip! One thing I will say, by the next #FashionWeek I'll have an assistant because trying to change looks, collect pics/moments to share and collect content is a struggle especially alone.

Cheer's to this last look and #NYFW 2019


Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed my #FashionWeek write-up and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me

Love and Light,


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