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My Colorado Trip Recap

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

From Denver to Colorado Springs and finally to Breckenridge, check out my recap of my 2nd Annual Ski Trip "Couples Edition."


Not going to lie to ya'll I fell off from blogging when I promised ya'll I would keep it up and stay consistent and literally the pandemic happen and working from home became challenging my mind was going every which angle besides updating the blog. I can't believe I didn't even post about last years ski trip it was my first actual trip I planned on my own. Like, yeah absolutely no help. It's ok though I'll share all the updates from where we stayed, things we did as far as activities etc so hopefully all of your questions from Instagram are answered.

Colorado Springs, CO

Last year we stayed in Breckenridge, CO and it was super nice but also super high up. A lot of people got sick, nose bleeds, stomach aches because of the altitude so I kept that in mind this year and decided to stay closer to Denver and found this airbnb in Colorado Springs, CO. It was 6 couples, so 12 people and enough beds for everyone and we were sold honestly on the common area with all the natural lighting. It really worked out because we didn't have to worry about driving up or downhill fighting against black ice or snow because it didn't even snow while we were there but it most definitely did in Breckenridge where we went skiing.

Breckenridge, CO  

We went skiing at Breckenridge Ski Resort where we received about 2 hours of lessons on how to ski and it would've been longer if we weren't in a rush to go ski as if we were professionals. Heads up, if it's your first time skiing don't rush the training process or you'll end up like me with a sprained knee and a guy in our group dislocated his arm, popped it back into place then came to examined my knee. (He's a doctor - and his girlfriend thank God for them!) There's an option to rent ski's and all the material's you'll need at Breckenridge we got ours from a Ski Shop around the corner for about $30 less because every dollar counts! Okurrrrr.....

Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs, CO

While half of the couples went skiing the other half went to just sight see and adventure off to hike Garden of the Gods. I've shared some of their pictures below. Unfortunately I couldn't join this crew because of my knee but I was also apart of the cooking crew, but it was totally ok they live in Houston and I'm based in LA so there will be plenty of times for me to hike in the near future.

I emailed everyone an itinerary we voted on daily breakfast and dinner which included the first time we the ladies cooked salmon, asparagus, mashed potatoes. On the second night we did fish, shrimp, and beef tacos along with yellow rice, black beans and rotel (it was so bomb!) Saturday - our last full day we did brunch and games it was epic! That was my most favorite part of the trip it was such a vibe!

𝒫𝒽𝑜𝓉𝑜 𝒟𝓊𝓂𝓅....

Also, we had reservations to rent a room out at a restaurant that game day and brunch interrupted and we agreed to cancel but it was a nice winery and dinner $35 per person. I wish I gathered more content but in all honesty once I got there I was so tuned into new experiences and I just forgot and grabbed what I can so I hope this help and please share, leave a comment and let me know what exact details you would like me to share from my travel blog posts.

Love and light,

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