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The Yacht Week Greece Route

Welcome to my #YachtWeek blog post/diary. Here I will share all the details from the VERY beginning to the end. Packing, booking the flights, getting the group together, each day worth of experiences plus more! I'll be attending the Greece route with my friend Kaylan and 10 other new friends we met through The Yacht Week website group.

Packing Essentials

  • Travel Bag - Duffle (No hard luggages/suitcases maximize space)

  • Bathing suits (ON DECK)

  • Deck shoes, sandals, one pair of tennis shoes if you go hiking

  • Sunglasses, hat (Essentials)

  • Evenings can be cool bring something warm

  • High factor sunscreen/Aloe Vera Gel

  • Cleansing Wipes, Clorox Wipes, Lysol Spray (Travel Size - I'm a bit OCD)

  • Lip Balm with SPF

  • Anti-nausea medication if you get sea sick

  • BC Powder for hangovers, headache or pretty much anything

  • Waterproof mascara if you're not wearing individual lashes like me (HA!)

  • A book for down time

  • Cards, chest, or your favorite board game

  • Earplugs + Eye mask

  • Your own water bottle to minimize plastic use

  • European Adapter, Portable Charger, Portable Speaker, Small Fan - if your yacht doesn't have air, not all of them do.

  • Dry food snacks i.e. - Chips, Raisins, Granola Bars, Almonds, Sun Flower Seeds, Cookies, Cheese-Its, Pop Tart,

  • Airborne, EmergenC, Benadryl, zzzQuil

  • To get custom shirts/designs for your Yacht Week Group I've attached my connects

  • ****Passport****

What Not To Pack

  • Heavy clothing - wool takes a long time to dry

  • Expensive jewelry - unless you'll keep up with it or got it like that to replace if lost/stolen 

  • Water-balloons. Bits of plastic in the ocean is a big no go ☝

  • Large suitcase can't stress that enough because you don't want to mess up the Yacht that comes with a fee if so, and you want to minimize space for your yacht-mates and skipper/host if you have one.

Themed Events + Outfit Inspirations

  1. Tropical Retro Party - All things summer: Crazy floral patterns, colourful attire, fruity props.

  2. Riviera Chic Party - Think French riviera: Blue and white with a touch of 50's sophistication.

  3. Dress to Express Regatta theme - No crew has ever won the regatta without dressing up! A crew uniform is essential.

You'll be able to stay at a hotel one night at Nikki Beach - STRONGLY SUGGESTED. It not only gives you a break from the boat, but yeah it GIVES YOU A BREAK FROM THE BOAT.


1. You'll be drunk everyday. Literally wake up to alcohol and go to sleep wasted. If you don't basically you're not doing #TYW right.

2. I suggest that you get a hostess it just makes sense, along with the lead skipper if it's not too late.

3. Bring lots of vitamins, EMERGEN C, Airborne, Probiotics, Hangover Patches, and GoodyPower. Don't forget the last one, you'll thank me later. I'm the only one who brought a box of it and everyone needed one at least every day to kill a hangover, sickness, or headache.

4. You'll have dinner every night, if you choose on land at a restaurant on one of the islands, and then there is a party to follow....EVERY NIGHT. Also, getting a section/table will be an option for your YW crew. We got one every night, but also my group did the absolute most (in a good way!)

5. This is a Hangover, Girls Trip (movie) type of experience for the rated x run down, email me on the contact page and I'll tell you hahahah. Not putting that up on the site but it's pretty epic!


  • You can gather your friends and create your group yourself.

  • There's hella GroupMe's to figure out who has space on their boats.

  • Also, #TYW website, and Facebook Group's.

  • If this is your first time you have nothing to be worried about -- coming from someone who worries about EVERYTHING. I can only say this after experiencing it.

  • This trip is NOT cheap. I'll warn you. If you're going with people you don't know, expect to come out of pocket more, because you're probably spending more on liquor just to keep the good energy and vibes flowing.

These pictures were taken at the all white day party, and it didn't end there. There was a party at night and dinner to follow!

Swimsuit is from JluxeLabel

This swimsuit is from GSaints!


Any questions, comments, or concerns about #TYW please don't hesitate to reach out to me using the contact page. I hope this was helpful and I'm super excited to share more life and travel experiences in the future.

Love & Light,


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