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A Wanderlust Birthday Experience

So blessed to share this experience with you guys. My mom and I traveled to Paris, France and Barcelona, Spain for our birthday's. We're both Virgos, and awaited all year to share the big moments of myself turning 25, and my mom turning 50. Let's get into this magical experience....

I've gotten a lot of questions about where did these shirts come from, and to be quite honest it came from a Saks in the middle of nowhere at an outlet mall in Destin, FL; a trip my mom and I were on earlier in the summer. We really lucked up because they were right on a mannequin when we walked in and on top of that they were only $9.99.

Before I go into detail about our entire vacation it's only right that I throw out there this is the first vacation my mom has taken off work in years! She didn't bring her work laptop, she had her work phone but rarely answered and this is all a very big deal. To know my mom, is knowing that nothing comes in between her work -- she's THE hardest working person I know! So as we're meeting up in Chicago for our first flight to Paris (which we missed) I noticed she wasn't trying to get to the nearest outlet to charge her phones or work laptop to check-in and that meant a lot to me because I know it was hard for her. Still makes me smile knowing I got this one on one time with her because this hasn't happened before EVER.

So we flew United throughout the entire trip, ( I HATE UNITED AIRLINES) and I arrived in Chicago on time, coming from Houston for our connecting flight to Paris and my moms was delayed because of all the BS excuses that United could give and she was coming from St.Louis. She texted me in advance because she assumed they would be with the shits and told me if she didn't make it in time to go ahead. (Crazy right? Just leave her and go ahead to make the flight to Paris!) No worries ya'll I didn't I waited at the gate which I found out where her plane would arrive at and waited. She got off the plane so confused it was hilarious. I'm like ma you knew I wasn't going to leave you. Is water wet? Duh.

Outfits Details:

Shoes: React Element 87 'Light Bone'

Pants: Top Shop (Sale Rack)

Bags: Louis Vuitton Duffle + Celine (Barney's Chicago)

Jacket: Zara

Shades: Chanel (Saks Fifth)

So once here's a funny story. I've been out the country countless times, and traveled alone since I was a young girl, and I've never been on a long international flight with my mom now that I think of it. She didn't believe me when I told her I still get nervous flying, like anxiety on another level. So that I'm not acting an ass or like it's my first time on a plane I pop a Benadryl....or TWO when boarding the flight. Fast forward I was sleep about 20 mins after taking off missed two meals and my ma thought something was seriously wrong with me it was actually hilarious. I woke up barely could move my neck, jaw felt out of place, and I just really needed to walk around, and my mom goes "Why are you so tired, I can't believe you have been asleep this long!" I had to explain to her my scary self had to take a chill pill.

We finally made it and so did all of our baggage! My ma told me to pack light, as if she did! We both brought one empty bag because we were determined to shop! Now of course my mom planned most of the trip and I got ideas from friends that have already been to Paris and Barcelona when it comes to places to eat, shop, and must-see! (Shoutout to Morgan and Segen!) She surprised me with the car service the entire trip. I've been traveling with my friends so much I've gotten used to splitting Ubers, cabs or even car service. (LOL)

Car service is always a good idea! Thanks to the amazing staff at the hotel who treated us like a princess and queen our entire stay!

The first night in Paris my mom and I had dinner reservations at a restaurant called Monsieur Bleu and the food was amazing! We took pictures, had lots of wine, and instead of taking the car service back to our hotel we walked the town until we found our way back and had some mother daughter conversation. I think this was my favorite night out of the entire trip. I was so extremely happy to have one on one time with my mom and live life on the edge in Paris with her.

Day 2 - Spa Day

The name of the spa that we went to was inside of our hotel which was the most dreamy hotel I've ever been to, (I also love Nikki Beach Resorts in Greece) but Chi, The Spa and I had the BEST massage it was so relaxing. I had a memorable massage that I had while in Thailand and I thought to myself then that no place on earth could beat that experience then I went to Paris and at the Shangri-La Hotel that massage put me to sleep the lady had to come back in and wake me up ya'll we were both cracking up.

Day 3 - Photoshoot + Sight Seeing + Shopping

Louvre Museum

Brunch at the Louvre Museum before shopping!

Shop Till You Drop

Arc de Triomphe

Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog post and my dreamy 25th birthday experience to Paris, France. Part two of Spain will be in a separate blog post don't want to overload this one blog post with too much content. #StayTuned

Oh yeah, and don't hesitate to leave a comment, question, or idea in the contact section or even shoot me an email on how I can spice things up on the blog. Thanks in advance!

Love & Light,

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