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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

One thing for sure about me is that I love a good blazer, and I'm overly obsessed with bags, ok and shoe's since we're being completely honest and open on this site. I might have a bit of a problem guy's!

While managing being a full time graduate student, working part time in radio, and full time in a law office I try to balance enjoying myself with my family and friends as well as a little self care. I think of self care as looking good going to work as one of them, because when you look good, you start to feel good, as well as give off even better energy!

(Don't forget that ya'll!)

Lashes: Amazing Lash Studio (Houston,TX) Hair: WigsByHali

I'm really picky about my hair like it's on another level. I love my weave, and I love my short natural cut. I'm really predictable I do much of getting my nails and hair the same. I get a lot of messages about my pin curls, and yes I curl my hair myself old lady style. It's really simple, I can't wait to finally make a tutorial and share with you guys the curling process and layering my hair.

What's business professional and what's business causal attire?

First off, I must say it all really depends on the industry you work in and your work environment. I remember when I went to interview for my first paid opportunity in radio in Houston, TX at iHeartMedia and I wore a full blown black pants suit, and white button up. OGRONC walked in and if you know him or live in Houston and know of him he was very casual and chill. So at that moment I learned in radio it won't be like attending an interview at Monsanto like where my mom works in "Corporate America" business professional. I will say he knew I meant business and by the end of that interview I was brought on the team.

My mom is OD when it comes to topics like this. She would definitely say if you're unsure then do what's smart. Business professional closed toe shoes, flats, black/navy blue/grey pant suits, or skirt right at or below the knee. Keep it simple at least until you get in the door.

Does What You Wear Represent You?

“From your hair, to your nails, to the clothes you wear represents your original style and how you feel that day. How you carry yourself sets the tone for how people will approach you and how they handle you. Dress like you mean business and watch the type of energy and opportunities that start to come around!”

Be Inspired

I would love to hear you guys thoughts on my posts! Please comment and let me know what you think, any questions that you may have for me, and lastly what you would like to see from me on this new journey! Thanks so much for visiting - love and light!


Outfit Details: #Blazer #Pants #Top #Shoes - Zara Bag: Celine from Barney's in Chicago

Photographer: Farran Manuel


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