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Grow Through What You Go Through

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

It's something about giving with a purpose that really feeds the soul and challenges the mind to evolve past your comfort.

“Have a "life is good" mentality and watch how everything turns around in your favor. No matter what's happening on the outside or how dire the circumstances seem, it is your mindset that will get your through everything. Keep believing and keep speaking positivity into your life and watch a shift happen on God's time!”

My Reason For Wanting To Give Back

I've always been a giving person, and my parents always taught me to give back by being present in the community. I was born in Chicago, IL but I also grew up in Winston Salem, NC and St.Louis, MO. My parents took me to volunteer growing up whether it was cleaning up in the park and picking up trash, or volunteering in the soup kitchen feeding the homeless I knew what it was like to give back. I remember the first time I went to serve in the soup kitchen with my mom and I asked her the whole ride there like why do we have to do this, what if the homeless people start acting crazy or shooting anything can happen or go wrong. My ma was the most selfless person I grew to know as I eventually started to see and realized as I gotten older. She never really explained when we went to visit different homeless shelter's to donate my clothes hers and my daddy's or why we went to serve at the soup kitchen, and this is back in Chicago and North Carolina days.

My mom has a older brother who fought in a war, being in and out of shelter homes, off and on drugs, and I didn't see him for the longest growing up but she always talked about him to me and made sure I knew who he was and that one day when God said so he would come around. So when I remember one Christmas he came to the house because we did Christmas at our house that year in Chicago he was there, and he looked exactly how my ma described him to me. I hadn't seen pictures prior to meeting him at 9 years old. He was extremely talk, curly hair, brown skin, and cracking jokes on everyone it was like he had been around my whole life.

Fast forward I always prayed for him even though I didn't see him often. I prayed that God continue to order his footsteps, keep him covered in God's blood, and that he gets to have a second chance at making all his dreams come to reality. Now he's been sober for many years and is married and I seen him all the major holidays and he's still cracking jokes on everyone.

With me sharing this its brought me to gather clothes for those women and men who are presented a second chance at doing the right thing. So I decided to go through my closet and put aside all my too small or business professional and casual clothing that I can't fit or don't wear and donate them to #DressForSuccess Houston and Dallas. I've reached out to my instagram friend Jacob Clayton (Blogger, Entrepreneur, and Men's Style Influencer) just to say the least to partner up with me by using our social media platforms to have our followers help us to donate mens clothing to #CareerGear which accepts mens clothing. Both companies help men and women prepare for the interview or opportunity to better themselves. So as much as Jacob and I love fashion and love to dress it was only right to partner up and make things happen.

Remember guys and girls, business professional attire preferably. Blazers, button ups, dresses, suits, mens dress socks and shoes, ladies dresses past the knee. Any and everything is appreciated and will be turned in by May 28th. It's never too late to give so you can always mail clothing straight to the companies.

If you would like to know more information on how to donate men and women's clothing please visit Career Gear Houston and Dress For Success Houston's website even if you past the deadline you can donate straight to them on your own time. For a chance to mail clothes for donation my email and PO Box information is below and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.


God Bless

Love and Light!


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