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Hot Pink in House of CB

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

It's something about the color hot pink up against my skin! Not only does it look good, but the color in the perfect designed dress makes me feel good as well.


I'm wearing a size medium, and lately throughout the summer my weight has fluctuated a lot because your girl has been in the gym! Here's the story behind this dress, I was invited to a friends 30th birthday party and as always I was shopping for the perfect dress last minute and got lucky. I went into #TopShop to the back of the store towards the #HouseofCB section and it was the first thing I laid eyes on. Here's the catch I didn't even try it on until I got home after hair and make-up and said a cute little pray like, "Okay God, it's me and you I'm already late!" My girls were all at my house waiting on me per usu, and gassing me up because they were excited to see what it looked like, but also ready-tf-to go! It fit - it's LIT!

The color of this dress will look good on any skin tone! It's a must-have especially for us girls with a little bit of junk in our trunk!

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Love and Light,


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