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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Thanks to Louis Vuitton for always keeping me laced with the latest!

When a girl has gone through A LOT and finally gets the confidence to focus on just her - she's all the way in her bag! I promised you guys that I'd be consistent with sharing all the details on my looks and providing consistent content, well here it is! I was in a rush to St.Louis for an award ceremony for my mom and of course I waited till the last minute to find something to wear....typical me. I ran into Zara and tried this on in the store (not even in the fitting room) that's how bad I was rushing. I'm like Lord don't let this be one of them looks that only looks good on my tall girls! Okay, so it looks good on us 5'1 girls too but better on the tall girls I'm not even going to lie. Ya'll would chew this up and spit us out - kill it! I love the belt that comes with it and the embroidery that really sets the entire look. I couldn't think of a better shoe that would go with this. Can't wait to wear this again, I felt comfy and confident! (Outfit Details Below)

What's more exclusive than your initials on your phone case?

Thanks for visiting guys! Please comment below your thoughts on this look, I would love to hear!

Bag: YSL

Dress: Zara

Shoes: Tony Bianco

Love and light,


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