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JustFab x HarperSpeaks

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

So guys, here's my first collaboration with a shoe brand and I'm honored they reached out and shared interest in this partnership. Now not only am I obsessed with my boots that are mighty comfortable might I add, but I also love love love the color. The reason I chose these particular boots and in this color is because it goes with everything and every sweater that I'll be wearing while home for the holidays! Something else since we're being honest I have way too many black boots. I'm sure if you've been following my blog on my Instagram page you see I have a lot of 'everything' in black that's my favorite color and go-to color! I've decided to match these boots with my favorite jeans from #Fashionnova that were 30% off, and a sweater from another one of my favorite online stores to shop at #ViciCollection which was 20% off you can too get this exact look for under $50 by checking out the details at the bottom of this post!

Sweater: ViciCollection

Jeans: Fashionnova

Boots: JustFab

For future collaborations visit the contact page or email me :)

Love & Light,


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