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Power of Social Media

I got the chance to host my first influencer event since being back in Houston this year at Banana Republic at the Houston Tanger Mall location from a young lady who reached out to me via Instagram.

I find it so amazing when people reach out to me to host or invite me to amazing events like this one at BR! I was so excited because it's a store that I shop at quite often for work attire or even business casual items. They have the best dress pants that fit around my butt and hips without it being too tight or looking inappropriate which is something about the brand that I appreciate. They also have THE BEST dresses for church and brunch with your girls on the weekend, like the one I'm wearing in all of these pictures for example. I have more that I'll showcase with time that they gifted me. Two tie around wrap dress one is polka dot, black and white....the other is blue and white, both are super cute!

I'm so appreciative for this experience to style men and women for a couple hours and meet some of the people who follow me on different social media outlets in person. I also enjoyed having conversations with some of the ladies that worked at this location about fashion and other brands that they have worked for and had in mind for me to do an influencer event for in the future. Moments like this makes me realize the power in social media and seeing that you are your brand!

Thanks to all the lovely ladies at the Houston Tanger Mall location for showing interest and having me I really enjoyed myself and look forward to coming back again!

To shop this dress, check out the nearest Banana Republic near you, or my page!

Love & Light,


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