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Romantic Polka Dot Set

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Now you guys should know by now that your girl loves a matching set, especially for a good price! Check out the pictures below and different ways to wear and dress up #PolkaDots during the summer.

Summer Trend: Polka Dot

There are girls who wear polka dots, and then there are girls who dislike this print profoundly. Well ladies, I used to be one of the girls who didn't like the print until I ran into this matching set and couldn't stop looking at it. When I think about polka dots, it reminds me of the prints our grandmother's would want to dress us in, and in the words of the GREAT #Beyonce "I'm a grown.......WOMAN!" So wearing polka dots at an older age is like dressing like a preteen but trying to be taken serious. So incase you're feeling iffy about wearing polka dots or not I'll put some more style inspirations below to give you guys some cute ideas and don't forget you can shop this exact look by downloading the #LiketoKNOWit app and following me @harperspeaks!

Some of my Polka Dot Inspiration's

from my favorite IG Page #WOCOOTD

Credits: (left to right, starting at the top)

Thanks for visiting my website, and I hope you all enjoyed this read on "Ways to Dress Up Polka Dots During the Summer!"

Until next time,

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