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#StreetStyle Serving Lemonade, No Stand

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

I know you're probably thinking ok, another #BeyonceInspo but I couldn't help but snatch this dress up from #ViciCollection!

It's something about the color yellow that just agrees with my skin tone. So when I see a bomb item in this color I can't pass it up guys! Plus, it was 20 percent off and you all know how I feel about sales! (Every Monday -- ya'll can't say I didn't share the tea.)

Check out more pictures of this dress from all angles over at #MilqMag you can also see where you can purchase each item plus more! Leave a comment and let me know what you all think on this weeks look.

Love & Light! Thanks for visiting!

Photographer: Farran Manuel

Hair: SnobLife

Make-up: JoJo

Dress: ViciCollection - Every Monday ya'll don't forget!

Love and light,


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