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Top Knot Double Shot Kinda Morning

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

First time I saw this t-shirt I knew that it had to be mine. I don't know about you guys but coffee is the first thing that I think about in the morning, and especially Monday morning's. The first Monday of the year was the Monday-est Monday EVER. Not in a bad way but it was just tough getting back into the grove of things after holiday vacations. As I step into the new year I continue to take one day as it comes, and I note in my phone or literally jot down in my journal things I don't want to bring into 2019, things I'm proud to have accomplished in 2018, and set new goals for myself in all aspects in life. Starting with making Monday's my B*tch!

Comment below....I'd love to hear some of your personal accomplishments from 2018, and some personal as well as professional goals for 2019. One of my personal accomplishments from 2018 was receiving my Master's in Public Relations from Purdue University. For personal goals this year I'm focused on letting go of a few bad habits, building my confidence, progress in my career, becoming more disciplined (as in giving myself strict deadlines and sticking to them for example), have a savings goal, read more, and lastly but most importantly follow my dreams! When it comes to professional goals for 2019 for me saving and investing has always been in my plans. I strictly made that a goal to invest in 2019 now that school is out of the way, and SAVE! I stress that because I'm blessed and fortunate enough to not be in debt from undergrad or graduate school so there's absolutely no reason I shouldn't be saving and investing. Professionally, I'm ready to step deep into my career as in I'm ready to get my feet soaked not just wet and I've been low-key moving in silence taking the steps for the next big thing can't wait for you guys to see. Make sure when you're setting goals to write them down on paper so you know it's real, and I also want to challenge each of you to write down at least 10 bad habits or anything negative that you want to leave in 2018 (take a picture of the paper) then burn it and leave it in the past. If you watch my Instagram story my bestfriend Courtnie made me do that and I must say it felt damn good!

Here's some outfit details:

Top: @ViciCollections

Cardigan/Jeans: @Zara

Shoes: @Dior

Be sure to leave a comment or email! Thanks for visiting and Happy New Years!

Love and Light,


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