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What's Your Physical Fetish?

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Hey ya'll! So we all are obsessed with something when we first meet someone whether it's teeth, finger nails, eye brows, nice skin, you name it. Mine is teeth --- read below and I'll explain how I figured that out.

Growing up as a child I've always been extremely scared to go to the dentist and doctor believe it or not. As often as my parents used to take me you would expect me to be a pro by now at 24 going. I'm childish ya'll and I hate needles with a passion, but now as I'm older I like going to the doctor kind of sorta/ still NOT. I just like to know my health and maintain it especially since I have health insurance. I'm so funny ya'll it may not seem like a big deal but when I pray at night and in the morning I thank God for health insurance because I can wake up feeling differently and go into straight panic mode and be on google trying to figure out what's wrong with me. Yes, if we've never met I'm dramatic as they come child. If you know one of my friends, ask them and they'll tell you I perform honey! I've been like this my whole life and I'm well aware of it.

My Teeth Fetish

My obsession with nice teeth is out of control. I didn't notice until one time I was talking to my mom about this guy that had showed interest in me and she's like "What happened to him?" Don't we all hate when parents do that, or just me? I tell my ma like, but his teeth! She goes girl you are really obsessed with folks teeth and you need to realize that, that can be fixed. The first time I got my teeth whitened I was scare it was gonna make my teeth sensitive or burn my gums, but this place made easy! I'm still scared to go to the dentist until this day ya'll, I've got to grow up one day. I went two weeks ago to get my teeth cleaned and I'm thinking to myself as I'm sitting there like they bet not say I have a cavity, and they did. I'm so childish I make the appointment to get the cavity filled when my ma is in town visiting me because it's important that she's there. LOL - pray for me ya'll!

Anyway, as much as I'm obsessed with nice teeth and I love looking good it's a catch that I now shared with you guys. If you're ever in the Houston area you've got to check out Naturally White. It was three twenty minute session that went by smoothly. The place was so nice, clean, and cute not to mention the staff made me feel comfortable. They even had a cute wine and champagne bar, of course I noticed as soon as I got in. Ask for Abby and tell her I sent you!

Take care of your dental hygiene y'all!

Love and light!


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